Mountain Bike Tour

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Madeira Island is a fantastic place to ride mountain bikes all year long. Our mountains and valleys offer an amazing set of trails and roads, starting at Pico do Arieiro (1800m), leading us all the way to the coast. This Tour offers us the possibility of explore nature by bike, on a fun, relaxing, and healthy way.

The Tour starts at Pico do Arieiro, the highest point in Madeira (reachable by car) which is 1818m tall. Before starting the downhill trail, we will take a look at the magnificent views that such altitude grants us, being able to see Madeira's south coast, the Nun's Valley, and even the Porto Santo island, depending on the weather.

Afterwards, we will ride towards Poiso, and depending on the trouble or ease everyone is experiencing while riding, the guide will decide if we take a normal road, or an Off Road trail.

Once we reach Poiso, we will ride downhill towards Santo da Serra, until we reach the famous Levada da Serra do Faial, where we can see beautiful views of the east and north side of the island.

We will ride alongside the levada for about 20km, going through Camacha, and finishing at caminho dos pretos. During the levada we will be able to see a lot of different kind of vegetation, like pines and eucalyptus. In Camacha, we will take a 30 minute break.

After the break, we will continue our Tour through Caminho dos Pretos, stopping at a viewpoint at São Gonçalo, so we can enjoy the view of Funchal's Bay. We will finish the tour once we get to the cable car at Avenida do Mar.

LOCATION: Pico do Arieiro - Funchal

DAYS: All Days

DURATION: 4 hours (aprox) 45km

TYPE: 50% Off-Road, 50% Road

PEOPLE: 6 people minimum

PRICE: €45,00/Person


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